If you just have a smart phone in hand, you can receive do shopping conveniently in diverse affiliated shops, make payment just like cash and receive airdrop of crypto assets for the accumulated bonus points.

First in Korea
Changing money to KRW
First in Korea

Changing money to KRW

First in Korea

The first crypto asset payment service in Korea.

Easy and convenient HYCON payment

Can make payment with the HYCON stored
by one-time scanning of the QR code.

Various payment modules

Can be used in both online and offline shops.

Safe settlement

Less settlement charge than a credit card.

Convenient asset conversion

Can convert the settled HYCON into cash.

HYCON PAY aims to make a world in which all settlements can be made with crypto assets.
We plan to recruit online and offline member shops and establish an infrastructure that will enable payment with the mobile phone without any other devices.

The same functions as in the existing settlement system including refund and storage of transaction records can be used.
Especially, the reserved crypto assets can be used immediately without exchanging them.
HYCON PAY will levy maximum 1% of settlement charge which is much cheaper than that of credit cards.