Smart Evaluation

Blockchain-based online marking and evaluation system which minimized arguments about the fairness of the existing evaluation process

The Blockchain technology and knowhow of Glosfer guarantee the transparency and
reliability of the evaluation procedures by storing the process and results of the evaluators in Blockchain system.

It is impossible to forge or falsify the contents of the evaluation and as a result fairness is guaranteed.

The system can be applied to any work related to ‘evaluation’ including the business evaluation
or personnel evaluation at public agencies, local governments and business entities.


Smart evaluation in Yeongdeungpo-gu – Securing fairness and integrity at the same time

The smart evaluation system we established together with Yeongdeungpo District Office minimized the arguments about fairness
in the process of evaluation of various proposals which frequently occurred in the past.
It is impossible to change or erase the evaluation scores without anyone knowing. The service is provided with a Blockchain-based system.

Yeongdeungpo District Office received ‘Grand Prize in Integrity Section in Seoul Metropolitan Government’ mainly for the system.


Fair evaluation scores


Prevention of forgery of evaluation contents


guaranteeing reliability and transparency