UP MUSIC is a Blockchain-based music service platform which minimizes the intervention of a third party. A new digital music contents environment is being created with the lead and active participation of users in discovering good music.
Creators can have more profits as reasonable rewards for all music service transactions will be calculated to a nicety and paid to the creator in real time.
It is the birth of an innovative music service which pays various rewards for use of the service by users.

Based on Blockchain technology

P2P music service business by smart contract; distribution and settlement of accounts; registration and certification of copyright; and provision of fair Blockchain music charts. We have price competitiveness as our fee is cheaper than the existing online shopping malls.

Providing free environment for creative activities and reasonable rewards

Any creator can register his/her music simply and easily. It is possible to upload music and video; manage transaction detail and rewards; and publicize and share feedback using the platform and personal accounts.

Offering rewards for streaming, upload and sharing

Rewards are paid in real time according to the hours of listening as soon as the user listens to the music. Rewards are also paid to the creator of the concerned music at the same time. Rewards for uploading are to be paid according to the level of contribution when creators upload music. Rewards are also paid to the user when sharing the music of the creator.

Strengthening community by sending feedback via SNS

Activity Feed of SNS function is provided for preparation of a community for users and easy PR of the artist by oneself.

UP MUSIC will play the role of a global gateway growing together with amateur creators as a platform for any creator to register his/her creation; verify it; connect the creator with the user; manage products transparently; and realize various kinds of profits.