in Everyday Life

Local Cryptocurrency

We aim to prevent wrongful uses of local currency by applying blockchain and establish a transparent welfare system by sharing social values with residents.

Payment System

With one blockchain-based all-in-one smart card, consumers can use ‘convergence’ payment services that combine financial services (banking, credit card) with non-financial services (cryptocurrency, loyalty points, gift certificates, local currencies) to protect personal assets and enjoy economic activities with ease.


Our vision is to see blockchain used in everyday life, and the Infinity Project was born in response to the inherent challenges and limitations facing many blockchain projects today. In light of these challenges, we launched the Infinity Project Ecosystem that encompasses the research and creation of the Infinity blockchain, the development of blockchain platform solutions, and providing a variety of blockchain integration solutions.


July Glosfer Learning Day Schedule

Theme: smart contracts using ethereum
Date: July 27, 2018
Place: El Tower