Glosfer TV

On Glosfer TV, we will analyze a variety of blockchain-related information from multiple angles based on our technological expertise and insight to share with our viewers.


Through Glosfer TV, we will report progress regarding projects on a regular basis. We also aim to share our knowledge on blockchain in an easy manner to help public understand and perceive how useful blockchain is in our lives.


  • Interviews: Talks with professionals working in blockchain-related industries
  • Blockchain News: Latest news about blockchain explained in an easy way
  • HYCON: Sharing HYCON’s progress and other related updates
  • Glosfer podcast: Glosfer employees share thoughts and dialogue about blockchain related topics

Expected Effects

Glosfer TV will meet the needs of various groups of people, like the ordinary citizen who barely knows about blockchain but wants more access to information, to developers who want to know how blockchain technology is being developed, and promote the development of the Korean blockchain ecosystem.