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The Ma-eum Talk Talk project aims to overcome the quantitative limitations (such as subjective indicators and lack of real-time monitoring) of current mental health assessment methods by establishing a blockchain-based mental health platform developed for early detection, prevention and personal information protection.

Medical devices that have undergone clinical testing are used to measure pulse waves, brainwaves and other biosignals and to conduct a self-test. Based on the collected information, experts can assess the patient’s mental health condition and provide customized psychotherapy and counseling.

By utilizing blockchain technology, personal information protection, data falsification prevention and login accessibility can be improved. It can also enhance convenience as patients will also be able to receive non-face-to-face treatment from experts.

Ma-eum Talk Talk can enhance the mental health of local residents by utilizing ICT to boost accessibility of mental health services to achieve early detection of abnormal signs and continuous monitoring.

Establish New Mental Health Management Platform

based on blockchain for early detection and prevention

Methods of Assessing Mental Health (Stress Levels) and Limitations

Segmentation of Plans for Stable, Speedy Establishment

  • Enhance convenience and welfare system for local residents with via Ma-eum Talk Talk service

  • Aid in early detection of mental illness and establish a methodical management system for priority groups

  • Utilize familiar technology to convert improve negative perception of mental health services and enhance accessibility

  • Provide objective evaluation using biosignals in lieu of subjective diagnoses via counseling or psychological assessments