Music Streaming

Blockchain-based music copyright platform led by creators and users


UpMusic is a blockchain-based copyright platform that aims to improve profitability for creators and benefits for consumers through direct connection, thus, reducing the problems of mismanagement by intermediaries. This is enabled by unique blockchain features, such as a distributed database (DB) and smart contracts.
The music platform will adopt a blockchain-based reward system to incentivize creators and users in various ways. Potentially, rewards could be given when creators register their music on the platform, users listen to the creators’ music, or when users share the music with others.


  • Protect and manage copyright upon registration
  • Provide transparency, accuracy and stability based on blockchain technology
  • Create a bridge between creators and users
  • Provide opportunities to aspiring content creators
  • Provide rewards for streaming, sharing and registration of content
  • Support online and offline creative activities
  • Provide a crowdfunding system for content creators

Expected Effects

Anyone will be able to register their creative content on the platform, which will serve as a link between creators and users and as a gateway to success for aspiring content creators. “The platform will allow for transparent management of copyrighted work and offer various ways to genereate revenue.