Smart Wallet

The first all-in-one card with quantum cryptography capable of domestic, foreign and cryptocurrency transactions


  • World’s first case of applying quantum cryptography to a smart wallet
  • Can be equipped with all domestic and foreign credit/debit/transit cards and OTP services
  • Can be loaded with physical and mobile gift certificates, membership cards and loyalty cards
  • Can store private key for cryptocurrency transactions
  • Better protected information and strengthened security via biometric authentication (fingerprint recognition)
  • Features non-face-to-face authentication service to replace public key certificates
  • Easy payment service
  • Software updates using NFC and Bluetooth

Expected Effects

  • Service supplied to 3.5 million users in the early-stage domestic cryptocurrency market
  • Seamless compatibility between hard wallets, financial and non-financial services
  • Compatibility between mobile devices and all-in-one cards to provide easy payment solutions
  • Introduce offline payment service that utilizes loyalty points and mileage
  • Introduction of offline payment system for existing paper and mobile gift certificates, local currencies and local gift certificates
  • Linking of mobile, kiosk and card payments

Establishing Offline Payment System

Build integrated O2O [online-to-offline] platform
Offer a multi-service platform for payments and customer service
Launch service-enabled terminals, POS systems and kiosks for customer use

Expected Effects

Early entry into the cryptocurrency payment market, attracting users
Enhance convenience by making various paper & mobile gift certificate available as payments
Revitalize local economy through local currency & gift certificate payments
Differentiation through services that link points of various loyalty programs
Offer a variety of payment services to customers